Bio Clean


The health of your 2 and 4 legged kids does not only depend on their diet, their life style, their pediatrist or vet …BUT it also derives from the environment where they spend most of their time: home, school and sometimes at work with you. You have seen them many times when “wiping” the floor, “licking” a door, “rubbing” their noses on your shop window, “wolfing” their snacks on your office desk, “polishing” their faces on the bus seats … BUT have you ever asked yourself how harmful traditional cleaning products might be for their health ? Have you ever read with extreme attention the label of chemical products you normally buy ? Are you seriously aware of what you are making use of ? … and are you really doing all your best to make your kids happy and healthy ?

The philosophy of Bio Clean is based on respect towards our planet and its resident creatures. A company coming from the “future”  to remind us that in your life  you pick up what you seed”

Ethics, efficacy, ecology, ecosustainability, economy …  these are the 5 golden keywords for a better and cleaner “6-legged world”. Word of Alberto Gallo, “day dreamer” and  founder of Bio Clean.

This company is really PAWesome and truly deserves our special award “the golden PAW” for the category “6-legged eco-sensitivity”

And never forget… “without nature, we won’t exist”… Let’s take care of it … DOGether!


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