Located in Corso Garibaldi, one of the nicest and trendiest walking streets in Milan, Botega is always the right place for a coffee (or chocolate) break when preparing for a shopping session in Brera or returning from a “6 legged walk” at Parco Sempione (your furry friends will drive you there attracted by the smell of sweet and other delicious temptations).

With its old-fashioned atmosphere and retrò design, you will have the feeling of entering a place where the most authentic Italian style is still alive with a long tradition, passion and love for the art of “pasticceria” (confectionery). This is why all crunchy biscuits, hot brioches, fresh pastries and cakes have the genuine flavour and authentic taste of old and secret recipes.

And if you do feel “alternative” and you do not just want a “normal” coffee or a “common” hot chocolate …here you find some “artistic creations” you will not get anywhere else such as Castagnino, Bombardino, Pulentino, Sua Santità, to accompany those irresistible cakes and pastries such as Belle Elena, Sacher, Pulentina and “family”.

Sitting outside during the hot season with your furry guys is a real pleasure but just one suggestion: take your time to enjoy some “people watching”  and to do some “6 legged PR” with new local friends. The staff is very “Italian” … warm, kind and professional. A “bark friendly” nest  you must not miss. Word of Dogfather. Give it a go !

Address: Corso Garibaldi 12 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 8050 6589
M2 Lanza (green line) or tram n.1 (stop Cusani)
Monday to Saturday from 7.00am to 8.00pm; Sunday from 8.30am to 8.00pm
A small hot chocolate and a Belle Helene (chocolate pastry) is the best choco shower you have ever had.



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