Brian & Barry


Twelve floors of excellence for a vertical  shopping experience, this is Brian& Berry, a new concept of megastore located in the heart of Milan. From Fashion to Home Decor, Jewelery, Watches, Cosmetics … and obviously (in the city of Expo2015) the excellence of Food & Beverage such as piadina, burgers, pasta, pizza, ice cream, pastries, wine, coffee and haute cuisine.

We often have a quick “6-legged” break at the Eataly Cafeteria (on street level), and indulge with a Marocchino, Mocaccino, or Cremaespresso coffees, a “mandatory” greedy pastry or (during the summer season) a fresh home made gelato (ice cream), to “recharge the batteries” before going back to “war”. 

Some other times, around lunch or merenda time (tea break) we cannot disclaim the handmade “piadina” call of Fratelli Maioli, the undisputed and irresistible flatbread temptation in town. Impossible to say “thanks but no thanks” to this lustful mix of tradition, delight and quality ingredients such as ham, salami, cheese, veggie.

Though we heard some negative comments and complains,  we do confirm that either the Coffee bar and the Piadina shop are truly “pet friendly”. We have always been received and accepted in here, with no issues at all, thanks to our impeccable behaviour and respect for the other people. Never forget … a better 6 legged world starts with you and your good example. Word of Dogfather.

Address: via Durini, 28 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 92853304
M1 San Babila (red line)
Monday-Friday from 07.30am to 09.00pm. Saturday-Sunday from 08.30am to 09.00pm.
Mocaccino or Marocchino to liven up your morning.



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