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CGTV Channel is the leading Italian TV’s networks for dogs, cats and other animals. The mission of Marco Anelli and his crew is contributing to a better “6-legged” life, by delivering information from the animal’s world. News, documentaries, interviews, video pills and tips about pets health, care, nutrition, fun, curiosities, travel, useful info and much more. The video production of CGTV is distributed by the web and by numerous Italian channels. What else? CGTV is also very active in running projects in “real life” (not only by the web). The perfect example is the “Italia di Artù“, a TV road show around Italy to discover the best pet friendly activities: hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, resorts. Let’s Travel DOGether will follow the tour during the summer season 2015 … as we are not just casting a video … we are making history.

Our “dog expedition” will be shooted with GoPro, partner of Let’s Travel DOGether and CGTV, so that we will be able to share the best “6-legged moments” from the “furry heroes” perspective … not only from the human one.

This project is absolutely PAWesome and deserves our “golden paw” for the category “entertainement”.


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