Chateau Dufan

A little nest for cosmopolitan hounds.

Finding yourself around the Chinatown area in a warm and sunny afternoon and fancy to have some sweets or coffee after you had a “savory” culinary adventure in a typical chinese restaurant ? Then you should pay a visit to Chateau Dufan, a simple coffee bar with a big personality. With a unique and stylish design interior it is completely different to most places in Chinatown; the “sharing” concept drive the people to talk and socialize (though some of them pretends to be working …LOL) , especially if you get your sit around the big “social” table and if you are in company of a “magnetic” furry guy. This explains the “melting pot” of people from different countries and backgrounds, from Asian, to Americans, from French to “locals”. Interesting spot, “pet friendly”, unique crowd!

“Affogato” is always the best “medicine” to cool you down and wake you up at the same time, It’s a coffee-based simple “invention”, a scoop of “gelato” (ice cream), normally vanilla, topped with a shot of hot espresso. If you are with your pooch, you might share a biscuit as an “extra bonus”  so that you can enjoy this “dolce” (sweet) moment DOGether! (and the “4 legged crocodile” will not stalk you to get your affogato … fair deal … big partners in crime).

Not just limited to coffee and sweets, this lovely place also offers some yummy savory stuff like Panini (typical Italian sandwich), piadina (Italian flatbread), healthy salads for a quick but palatable lunch. To complete the “opera”, aperitivo is served everyday from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. The place can be small but its rich in options, most importantly it’s “bark friendly” … best reason to give it a go !

Address: Via Paolo Sarpi, 2 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 3453 4113
M2 Moscova (green line); Tram: 2-4-7 (Piazzale Baiamonti)
Mon-Sun from 07.00am to midnight
Affogato, affogato, affogato …did we say affogato ? Nothing better than affogato to “reboot” and get back to life during a warm summer day.
Chinatown, Porta Nuova, Corso Como, Brera and Parco Sempione (for a nice “6 legged” walk)


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