Like any big city in the world, Milan has its own Chinatown. It is conveniently located by the city center, between the streets of Via Paolo Sarpi (the main street, now pedestrianized), Via Bramante and Via Canonica, and it represents an important commercial district. Milan’s Chinatown is not as picturesque as the one in London and not as big as the one in New York. It is a no frills area as it serves the needs of the locals, a place where one can live without needing to know how to speak Italian. Nevertheless it is the oldest and largest Chinese community in Italy. Today, the district is filled with beauty salons, chinese fashion boutiques, silk and leather stores, libraries, traveling agencies, medicine centers, food shops offering traditional and authentic Asian products that you get nowhere else in Italy. The Chinese takeaways and restaurants in the area are mostly specialised in Zhejiang cuisine. Just like any Chinatown in the world, it brings together Chinese and Italian tastes to create a unique fusion style. A nice and friendly place to hang out with your dog (do not believe in those old metropolitan legends and prejudices which describe Chinatown as a dangerous place for your furry friends); it has changed quite a lot in the recent years for a better 6-legged world.

Address: Via Paolo Sarpi – map
M2 Moscova (green line), Tram 14
It is suggested to go in the morning when Chinatown is still not too busy.
Eat at Jubin Restaurant and get a coffee at Chateau Dufan



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