Cioccolati Italiani


Imagine to be in a sweet dream, in the gourmand’s realm,  where chocolate flows like water and where ingots are not golden but choco made ! Born from the dream of creating a new way to enjoy chocolate, this “pagan temple” will tempt even the strongest will and punish any diet effort. “Abandon any good intention” they should write at the entrance … instead you will be attracted and pulled in by the live show performed by the ice cream masters & makers  who “do it in public” (…the ice cream) and serve you one of the most typical, delicious and irresistible Italian delight, filling your cornet with hot chocolate (white, milk or dark choco) and topping with tasty unforgettable scoops . If you are looking for a genuine ice cream and plunging into the “Italian culture” this is the must be place for you dear “6-legged travelers” for a fresh, soft, tender, velvety, creamy, tasty experience. At Cioccolati Italiani you won’t find just ice cream but in this seductive and innovative concept store you will indulge with many other temptations such as the fresh croissants filled with ice cream, a big choice of hot chocolate (the ideal potion for winter lazy sundays), as well as creative coffees, rich crepes, fat waffles and special home cakes.

It’s a real pity that your furry friends can only be spectators. As you well know chocolate is absolutely banned from their diet so … if your big heart of dog lovers cannot stand their sad eyes, ask the kind staff to offer a little biscuit … and make them happy … because smiling DOGether is always better !

ps: just a little flaw for this paradise. You are not allowed to take pics … not even a selfie. The best of this experience is actually supposed to stay in your mouth and soul … not on your Facebook page … but we are very curious to see what you are able to do with your new google glasses or your “secret camera”. Raise your paw if you accept the challenge !

Address: via Torino – Piazzetta San Giorgio – map
Phone: (+39) 02 87367438
M1 Duomo (red line), M3 Duomo (yellow line), tram 2, 14
Open every day from 7.30am to midnight
The new store in Via Torino is definitely less crowded (and less touristic) than the most known in Via San Raffaele (Duomo area). 



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