Cuor di cane


Travelling DOGether is definitely one of the best ways to find the natural balance between humans with 2 and 4 legs. Socializing, making new friends, learning, practising, reinforcing the bond with your furry guys while having fun … this is the key of Cuor di Cane (literally heart of dog).

Apart from personal tuitions, group lessons, puppy classes, sitting and training, Cuor di Cane organises special “doggy experiences”: 6-legged excursions to the sea, mountains, lakes, countryside, under the supervision of a professional trainer and with the aim of relaxing, having fun, getting a “time out” from the city bustle and concentrate on your pooches, who will never forget such a PAWesome experience of life.

If you believe your puppies are a bit too much “lively” and they might not be the ideal travel mate, you will have the chance to take part to introductory courses and learn how to become sociable and disciplined world citizens. Diego Antoniotti, professional trainer, with his huge passion for dogs, his practical and effective approach, will drive you to discover a new “6-legged” world.

Just drop us a mail and we will keep you up to date with the next initiatives. Don’t miss the chance of travelling around Italy DOGether with your furry friends.




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