Cuore di Pet


Sweet and relaxing cuddles are a “different” positive reinforcement for your dog, as well as a special way to empower your “6-legged bond”. A good massage is relaxing “fido”, driving him to get to know his body, helping her to get rid of fear and stress, going over old trauma, reactivating metabolism and vital functions, getting rid of bad toxins, improving blood circulation … BUT they do not have to be sick to pamper body and soul … on the contrary … giving your furry guys a relaxing massage will make them happier and quieter, for a better “6-legged” life.

You might have many excuses for a massage with “Cuore di Pet” (heart of pet): reducing stress after a long trip, mitigating the post adoption syndrome, cutting down the excitement of wild puppies, alleviating postoperative pain, tonifying muscles to facilitate rehab, relaxing muscles of sporting dogs, relieving old guys physiological pain, treatments for every pet, breed, size, “shed”, age, temper.

You just have to look at their faces to realize how much they enjoy the massage. During the tratment they might fall asleep till snoring loud. Some other times they will incredibly point their paws where they want to be treated… but no need to be jealous mates… With Cuore di Pet you can have a unique experience: the combo massage, the real “6-legged one”, one next to the other, always DOGether … for a great experience you will never forget.

You can have your 6-legged massage at home, in your hotel room, wherever you want … the only condition is having enough time to relax. Be ready to switch your phone off, forget about work and just abandon yourself to a wonderful massage. Ps: do not be surprised if your dog will start to ululate every time he desires a massage. LOL!!!

Cuore di Pet is a PAWesome service and deserves our  “Golden PAW” … for the category “doggy well being” … to be experimented  at least once in your life … word of Dogfather.

To book your massage just CLICK HERE and book “your angel”.  Choose the location, the time you prefer, tell us any special needs and we will give your pooch one of the best experiences ever.


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