Daniela RIA


Daniela Ria is what we call  the “unconventional painter” by definition. Her “art animalier” is the undisputed Italian expression of what love and passion for animals are able to generate. Her singular sensitivity and a unique ability to interprete “creatures” (we don’t love the word “animals”), not only by painting their faces but digging in their souls, always with humour and true respect, is absolutely stunning and impressive. This is how the “Aristodogs” are coming to life: cute dogs wearing vintage clothes (from Medieval era to Renaissance, from Victorian era till today) which magnify their dignity, temper and soul. This is the ironic, iconic and inimitable response of Daniela to our society and our “strange world”.

Believing that art should be “for all” and not only confined to art galleries or art exhibitions, Daniela Ria has been showing her “animalier” art almost everywhere: meeting points, design spaces, fashion ateliers, hotels, bookstores, … a “nomad” and “unconventional” way to share her creativity … always in touch with the world. 

It is a real honour to have Daniela as a partner of TravelDOGether.com and having the chance to create events “for pets and people”, Dogether.  A different way to excite, impassion and give our “different” little contribution to a better “6 legged world”.

If you desire a PAWesome portrait of your best and “furry friend”, you just need to send a picture to the artist. Click here for more info and feel free to contact us for any further info.


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