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Milan is a very rich city in terms of culinary offer. It is actually full of restaurants, bars, diners, coffee shops, but finding top quality, best price and pet friendly attitude is not always simple. We have selected for you a number of “gnummy” options according to this basic ingredients: good food, fair price, easy to find, central location, nice atmosphere and real pet friendly attitude. You will recognize our “top dog” selection by the sticker on the window.  To make your choice easier we have segmented the following categories:

Restaurants. This is our best selection of international and Italian cuisines. These venues are suggested either at lunch or dinner, but the basic condition is that you must not be in a rush. You are in the reign of “slow food”, where indulging yourself with succulent recipes, opening a bottle of wine (or more than one), closing the meal with a coffee and “ammazza caffé” (coffee killers such as amaro, grappa, whisky, rum, lemoncello …). The best way to relax, fill your stomach and delight your soul. Ps: Although Milan is not Naples (known as the undisputed “capital of pizza”), you will find a number of very interesting pizzerias in town, often managed by Napolitan people, as a guarantee of authenthic taste and ingredients. Click here for our “top dog” restaurants.

Easy Food. If your travel plan is very busy and you don’t have enough time to sit and enjoy a proper meal, then we suggest to you a number of interesting and delicious options. “Easy food” stands for “fast food”, “street food”, “take away”, “light bites”, “tapas”. No need to book and worry about getting a table. Just show up with your furry friends (always welcome) and get all you want straight away. You will be impressed by the quality of stunning food you can easily grab around town. Ready to put on a few kilos ? A special mention goes to the Italian ice cream shops (gelateria) which have no rivals in terms of quality, variety, freshness and tradition. During the summer season ice cream can be a perfect lunch substitute for those tourists who have no time for stop but cannot renounce to a break. Make sure you keep your ice cream at a certain distance from your dog’s mouth, or he will transform into a greedy crocodile. Click here for our “top dog” easy food.

Aperitivo. The experience of the aperitivo (Italian Happy Hour) is a consolidated Italian tradition. Literally, aperitivo is a pre-meal drink whose scope is to stimulate appetite, but it has come to signify the ritual of going out for a drink. It can be defined as a sort of happy hour, normally served from 7 to 9 pm,  with unlimited access to the buffet (pizza, piadina, panini, bruschetta, sandwiches, finger food, as well as pasta, rice and other local delight) . If you choose the right spot, this is definitely the best way to have dinner for the price of a drink (8-10 Euros). With no doubt this is one of the smartest option to hang out with your 4-legged friends. Ps: As aperitivo is “celebrated” almost everywhere, finding the right one is like a blind dating. Use this guide as your personal key to the city and you will not need to kiss the frog before you’ll find your prince. Click here for our “top dog” aperitivo.

Coffee bars. If you don’t want to be taken for a tourist in Italy, you should drink coffee as the locals do. Just plunge into real life and learn by doing. Here is the selection of our “pet friendly” coffees around Milan.  But be aware that in the country of good food it’s almost impossible to get “just a coffee”. A number of delightful temptations such as pastries, sweets, tapas, light bites will try your “good intentions” and transform your furry friends into “hoovers”, then watch out what’s on the floor, especially by the bar. Click here for our “top dog” coffee bars.

Our special thanks to Ilenia Costantino “PAWtographer” for the wonderful pic.


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