Expo 2015 Milan


Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial Universal Exposition with some very unique and innovative features. Not only an exhibition but also a process, one of active participation among a large number of players around the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. It is sustainable, technological, thematic and focused on its visitors. Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, the Expo will host over 130 participants. Running for 184 days, this giant exhibition site, covering one million square meters, is expected to welcome over 20 million visitors who will experience a unique journey that looks at the complex theme of nutrition. They will have the possibility to take a trip around the world, sampling the food and traditions of people from all over the globe. Expo Milano 2015 will be the first Exposition in history to be remembered not only for its products but also for its contribution towards education on food and the planet’s precious resources.
To learn more about Expo just visit the official web site.
And now … let’s go the the “bad news”. Expo 2015 Milan won’t unfortunately be the first exposition in history to be remembered for its “pet friendly” policy, that means your furry friends will not be admitted inside the Expo area. This is why we have certified a “doggy task force” of professional sitters and trainers who will take care of your dogs when you will be visiting attractions which are not admitting and accepting your belloved 4-legged travel companions. You just need to CLICK and “book your angel”. Choose the pick up and drop off location, the time you prefer, tell us any special needs. You will be able to visit Expo or plunge into culture while your furry friend will have great time at the park with his new 2-legged friend. Isn’t it PAWesome ???
Actually apart from the Expo area and the eminent museums, Milan is a very pet friendly city where you will get the chance of doing many interesting things DOGether with your furry friends and this is why we we have created “Let’s Travel DOGether“, the first touristic, digital and “pet friendly” guide to Milan. We have selected for you the “best of breed” of “pet friendly” activities such as hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, parks, services and much more … so that your “6-legged” visit to Milan is going to be one of the best experiences of your life … always DOGether with your furry friend.
Our special thanks to Ilenia Costantino “PAWtographer” for the wonderful pic.


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