If you are just arrived in Milan, you are hungry as a wolf and you find yourself at the Central Station, sneak out of it, cross the square and crash into Farinami. In less than 5 minutes, you will find yourself in a simple and easy place to delight mouth and soul with special bites inspired by the tradition of piadina. For those who have never been to Italy before, we are talking about a kind of wrap, made with warm Italian flat bread (flour, water, salt and olive oil), filled with fresh ingredients such as ham (speck, bresaola, coppa… ), cheese (brie, mozzarella, scquaquerone, fontina, provola…) and veggies. Piadina (or piada) can be considered as the essence of Italian street food and it has been formally added to the list of the traditional regional food products of Italy.

But at Farinami, they make it different ! The piadina has different shape and transform itself into a sushi piada (imagine a fat maki where the wrap substitutes the rice), a cono piada (imagine a huge ice cream where the waffle is made of flat bread and the scoops with ingredients such as ham, fish, cheese and veggies), a piada burger or a piada pizza (in the land of fusion, nothing can be too classic). You also have the freedom to choose your special piada flour such as kamut, spelt, cereals, barley, oat, corn in order to satisfy any special need in terms of food intolerance. This is what we call “street food innovation” and what Pablo (testimonial and tester of TravelDOGether) will call “gnummy”. Get a little piece of piada, spread some creamy cheese, serve it to your furry friend (but in a small quantity), and snap a pic of his smiling face (don’t forget to post it on our Facebook page).

Via Vittor Pisani, 19 – map
M2 Centrale (green line), M3 Repubblica (yellow line), less than 5 minutes walking from Stazione Centrale
It’s never too early or too late for a sushi piada.
Sushi piada n. 6 (vegetarian style) is our super favourite one. Soft creamy cheese, veggies and mushrooms. Absolutely gnummy and meat free


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