Holy Ham

“Fanatically” devoted to create “holy” burgers.

Holy Ham is a new, trendy, gourmet burger eatery, a pioneer who has reinvented and ennobled the “Italian way” to make burgers. The “sacredness” of this innovative format winks to your 5 senses as it is devoted to number “FIVE” (five different menus, 5 side dishes, 5 salads, 5 sweets, 5 drinks). “FIVE” is the number of change, of will, of genius,… the “badge” of those who always strive for new challenging dreams and destinations. If you fit this description then you are in the right place … plus you’ve got “6 legs” … not just five … haven’t you ?

Another smart innovation is the iPad ordering system: you’ll find one at each table, a funny and efficient way to order, customize your menu, check your bill (plus if you feel “unsociable”, you can take advantage of the wireless internet connection, killing the time while waiting – the iPad stays with you till the end of the meal ) but if you desire a traditional smile and a warm “human contact”, switch it off and call the friendly staff. We suggest to do the same if you are in “sweet company” … forget about the web and give yourself the opportunity to be “off line” and plunge into real life.

Nestled in great positions around town (Via Palermo, Via Marghera, Viale Bligny), our favourite Holy Ham is still the first one to open, a few steps away from the Brera District, Parco Sempione and the charming Corso Garibaldi. The no “coperto policy” (no extra service is applied), the reasonable price (considering the quality you get), the warm and friendly atmosphere (does not matter if you have 2 or 4 legs) make it a little “pet friendly” gem you should not miss. Pointless to say the tempting smell of meat will drive your furry friends totally crazy… then fasten their leash, tissues on hands (to dry watering hungry mouths) and (be social and big hearted !!!) do share some “holy” bites with them.  Enjoy !!!

Address: via Palermo, 15 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 875510
Web: www.hamholyburger.com
M2 Lanza (green line), M1 Moscova (green line)
Every day from 12.00am to midnight
The tofu burger (for those who are not strictly “carnivorous”), the hand cut potatoes with cheese fondue, the Italian tempura, the Tiramisu (they call it Bliss in here) are absolutely gorgeous.  Unless you want to try one of the five italian gourmet beers, we do suggest a traditional must of italian sodas: Chinotto. Make also sure you book your table especially during the week ends. The Holy Ham spots are cozy, intimate and quite small … then a reservation is deeply suggested.
Brera, Parco Sempione (for a walk before lunch or dinner).




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