Are you a shopaholic travelling with your furry friend to Milan? Trying to find the most suitable area to stay in town to “fulfill” your desire? Considering you are a 6-legged travelers, Hotel Manin could be the ideal place to stay. The very first reason is because it’s a “bark friendly” one, accepting you 101% whatever the size and breed of your furry friend is. NO Extra charge is applied for for the dog, although unfortunately you can’t have a 6-legged breakfast in the hotel because dogs are not allowed to enter the restaurant area. This should be an opportunity instead of negativity, take this chance to start your little adventure DOGether early in the morning. You can find many “bark friendly” places around to have the typical Italian breakfast and “blend” with the locals.

Lovely view to Giardini Indro Montanelli park is a “privilege” you would get for staying at this hotel. It’s a PAWesome benefit especially for your furry friend as you can easily take him to play or do his “business call” in the park without any hurdle. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the glamorous outdoor terrace with colorful garden inside the hotel. Absolutely PAWesome! Tranquility is another ”plus” you can get from this hotel.

We have mentioned about “well-being” of your 4-legged friend, now talking about your satisfaction, the shopaholic “parents” of the lucky furry guy … the “good point” of staying at Hotel Manin is that you are just a few meters away from the Quadrilatero, the “paradise” for a “compulsive shopper” like you. You will be able to indulge yourself with “made in Italy” stuff and buy the latest trend in style. Just make sure to spare some space to carry all the stuff you need for your furry friend, because the hotel doesn’t provide any “doggy kit” so you need to bring your own. However, another PAWsitive point of staying in this hotel, it’s not just easy to stroll around for either pop and traditional culture, but also obtain the green nature and mildness despite of the location in the city center. A PAWesome combo for the “6-legged “ satisfaction.


Address: Via Daniele Manin , 7 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 659 6511
M3 Montenapoleone (yellow line)
Don’t miss the chance for a long and relaxing “6-legged” walk at Giardini di Porta Venezia, one of the nicest parks in Milan. 


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