If you are “jumping around” Parco Sempione for a “6 legged walk”, your stomach is calling for lunch and you fancy some tasty and authentic asian food, then Chinatown is just 10 minutes walking distance from where you are. Among a large bunch of Chinese restaurants, our preference goes to Jubin: nice, clean, “pet friendly”, always busy, with a huge selection of classic dishes (as well as Japanese and Thai), the menu is 30 pages thick … and it actually looks like a “bible” … then if you dare yourself to be “baptized” this is definitely the right place to be. Good quality, generous portions, the waiters are fast and responsive to the customers. Jubin offers nice starters like the hot and steamy dimsum such as siaw mai, xiao long bao, the fresh vietnamnese spring roll, or crispy thai spring rolls, which are “opening” and preparing you stomach to the “battle”. The main course offers various rice and noodle dishes, meat, fish, veggies (and for the Japanese fans … there is also a selection of good looking sushi and sashimi for a very competitive price). Instead of wine (though they recently opened a wine bar inside the restaurant), you might wanna try the Xin Tao (the popular Chinese beer) … alternatively you can also enjoy a hot Chinese tea to “detox” your body. Prices are super reasonable then make sure you do not exceed once you order …or it’s gonna be hard to stand up after lunch and continue your “6 legged” visit to Milan.

Address: Via Paolo Sarpi, 11 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 3310 6728
Web: www.jubingroup.com
M2 Moscova (green line); Tram: 2, 4, 7 (Piazzale Baiamonti)
Mon-Sun, lunch or dinner
This is a perfect spot for lunch rather than dinner, if you desire a fast service and avoid noise and crowd. Our must (if you eat and love fish…) are shrimps with salt and pepper, curry shrimps, stir fry noodle with shrimps. 


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