Moving by train is probably one of the simplest ways to travel DOGether. Imagine you have just got to Milan by train and your hotel is located around the Central Station. After the check in you might want to plunge yourself into a real Milanese experience: the “aperitivo” (typical Italian happy hour). Without any hurdle for a “fresh meat” in town like you, just a few steps from the station, you will find Metropolis Café, to be “baptized” in the name of the local tradition, good food, nice drinks  and “survive” till dinner after a long trip.

This is a “bark friendly” spot which is suitable for a 6-legged aperitivo and open your first night out in Milan. The buffet is a quite rich assortment of Italian light bites. Begin with healthy vegetables such as “melanzana” (eggplant) salad, zucchini or peppers, then indulge with some fried stuff, bruschetta or ham and cheese. If you are hungry as a wolf  you can skip those “little bites” and try some “serious” pasta of the day. At Metropolis you will find a big selections of cocktails and if you fancy something “softer” (though you are not in a wine bar) you might want to start the night with some Italian bubbles (Prosecco) or a glass of red wine, … whatever you choose, enjoy … you are on holiday fellows!

The interiors are modern, elegant and metropolitan style, but if you can, try to conquer a confortable table outdoor and get the chance of socializing with new local friends. Just to let you know …  the tables outside are pretty low, so it would be very easy for your “hungry crocodile”  to jump on the table and steal your mortadella (Italian cured sausage). Let’s say “if you snooze, you lose”… always be mindful when you travel with your furry friend and  avoid any unnecessary mishap (giving a good example is always the best strategic behaviour to be accepted everywhere … DOGether with your lovely furry friends) word of Dogfather.

Address: Via Vittor Pisani, 5 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 6717 1746
M2 Centrale (green line), M3 Repubblica (yellow line)
Metropolis is always open. Mon-Sun: 7.30am-1.00am
Indulge with Negroni, Spritz, Pimms n. 1, Moscow Mule or Caipirina.


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