The city of Milan is an important cultural center in Italy with a number of excellent public and private museums. Unfortunately in the city of Expo2015, the cultural institutions are showing a total lack of sensibility to our 4-legged friends, who are still “bounced and neglected” as a difference with other European cities which are showing a different “art” (and heart) by welcoming their new “4-legged visitors”.

Having said that, we do prefer to concentrate on PAWesitive things rather than negative ones. For this reason we came up with a simple but effective solution to the problem, by creating a special “ExPAW DOG force” of professional trainers and sitters to give help to foreign visitors when travelling with their furry friends. They will be able to plunge into culture while the 4-legged guys will have great time at the park with their new 2-legged friends. Isn’t it this PAWesome ??? You just have to CLICK HERE and “book your angel”. Choose the pick up and drop off location, the time you prefer, tell us any special needs … and enjoy your time.

And for those of you who cannot accept to “abandon” their beloved pooch even for a few hours, we are also organizing (in collaboration with the cultural association Milano da Vedere) our new “6-legged guided tours”. We will walk DOGether around the city to admire the main attractions, discover some hidden trasures, as well as anecdotes and curious tips you will never read on a classic touristic guide … in company of your beloved furry friends. Personal tours can be organized upon request. For more info drop us a mail and we will do the “impossible” to make you “happy dogether”.


hangar bicoccaHangar Biccocca
This is the only “pet friendly” cultural institution in Millan devoted to contemporary art. Entrance is  free of charge. Not to miss.
Address: Via Chiese 2 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 6611 1573



terrazze del duomoTerrazze del Duomo
One of the best experiences to enjoy a stunning view all over the city.
Address: Piazza Duomo – map
Tel: (+39) 02 72022656



palazzo realePalazzo Reale
One of the most important cultural institutions with important expositions and exhibitions.
Address: Piazza Duomo 12 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 8846 5230



museo del 900Museo del 900
It is a public venue dedicated to Milan’s collection of Twentieth-Century Art.
Address: Palazzo dell’Arengario, Via Marconi – map
Tel: (+39) 0288444061



castelloMusei del Castello
The Sforzesco Castle, one of the most famous monuments in Milan.
is the symbol of both happy and dramatic events that are to be found in the historical background of the city.
Address: Piazza Castello – map
Tel: (+39) 02 8846 3700


cenacoloCenacolo Vinciano
The Last Supper (Cenacolo) is a mural painting created by Leonardo da Vinci for Duke Ludovico Sforza.
Address: Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie 2 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 9280 0360



triennaleLa Triennale
One of the international cultural icons of Milan, it hosts the design museum and important events.
Address: Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 724341



pinacoteca di breraPinacoteca di Brera
The main public gallery in Milan with one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings.
Address: Via Brera, 28 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 7226 3264



poldi pezzoliMuseo Poldi Pezzoli
The famous  “home museum” located a few steps away from La Scala Theatre.
Address: Via Manzoni 12 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 79 4889/6334



gallerie d'italiaGallerie d’Italia
The artistic treasures of the Cariplo foundation and Intesa San Paolo (bank) in a new and big exhibiting place.
Address: Piazza della Scala 6 – map
Tel: 800.167.619



museo dela scalaMuseo della Scala
Stories and curiosities of the most famous theater in the world.
Address: Via Filodrammatici, 2 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 88791



museo di stria naturale 2Museo Civico di Storia Naturale
One of the most important natural history museums of Europe
Address: Corso Venezia, 55 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 8846 3337



museo della scienza e della tecnologiaMuseo della Scienza e della Tecnologia
Located in a former monastery, this is the most important Italian museum of science and technology.
Address: Via San Vittore, 21 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 485551



One of the richest public collections of Italian painting and sculptures of the nineteenth century.
Address: Via Palestro, 16 – map
Tel: (+39) 02 8844 5947


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