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Strolling around the city for a few days, tasting a slice of Milanese life and smelling the original Italian “way”, in company with your inseparable furry friends, is definitely a great chance. Lots of pictures already taken to bring home the experience you are living … but selfies will not be enough to bring back all memories. If you want something more, if you desire to embrace and remember the “Italian” trip with all your senses and for long time, what about a local scent ?

Among many elegant perfume shops in Milan, a very interesting and original one is My Fragrances. The wellness concept is very simple: feeling comfortable with your own body, in your house, as a real opportunity for everyday pleasure. Scents and emotions which project your personality in every corner of your place and in every situation of your daily life. You can find a wide range of fragrances (every fragrance is a mix of elements which make it absolutely unique and special) from soaps for body care, diffusers and perfumery.

Not only a trendy and modern shop, MyFragrances is also “pet friendly”, a “6-legged” place where “smelling” DOGether … although the poor furry friend, with his “powerful and sensible nose” will be sneezing all time, … but for sure the 4-legged approval is gonna be mandatory to choose any product. In case you guys still can’t decide what to choose (it’s not actually easy to find your fragrance among so many scents), the helpful shop assistants will be there for you. They are very professional with high understanding on products and very kind to you and your furry friend. Located in Corso Garibaldi (one of the best walking street in Milan), this shop is very easy to reach, a few steps away from the green of Parco Sempione, for the joy of your furry friend. And now… “Let’s sniff DOGether”…

Address: Corso Garibaldi, 36 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 890 0828
M2 Lanza (green line), M2 Moscova (green line)
Mon-Sat: 9.30am-7.30pm
We recently tested a new and gentle “eau de toilette” called “Legni” (woods). The smell of nature seems to be tolerated by Pablo (our 4 legged testimonial, tester and quality manager), who does not sneeze as much as he would do if we used any traditional or industrial product


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