Bored of the usual kebab with just onions, tomatoes and spicy sauce? Are you a strict vegan? A meat lover? Are you on a diet or you just want to taste some authentic and unique middle eastern sauces? If you say “yes” at least once, then you are in the right place. NUN has brilliantly reinvented the kebab by improving the quality and transforming it into gourmet food. A complete offer of middle eastern products (hummus, babaganoush, bademjan, falafel …), served with a smile, for a fair price, in a modern, clean and pet friendly space.

At NUN you are the new and talented “master chef”.  You’re totally free to mix up any ingredient which inspires you from the blackboard. Choose the bread, the flavor, the sauces, the fillings and the side dishes! … and make sure you bite your food before your dog does it. We have noticed that the chicken meat, its delicacy, its flavor is absolutely irresistible for our furry and ever hungry friends.

But … if you are on holidays, you just feel a bit lazy or you already switched your brain off, then just get inspired by the home succulent specialties such as (among the others):
SABICH “The typical sandwich of Israel”. Bread, fried eggplants, hummus, spicy harissa, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, fresh mint and basil.
VEGAN  “The best combination of falafel”. Olive oil piadina (wrap), falafel, baba ganoush, Israeli salad, lettuce and capers.
CLASSIC “Simply the one”. Arabic piadina (wrap), chicken meat, white sauce, spicy harissa, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and fresh red onions.
TIRI’ “The Greek” Spelled piadina (wrap), fried eggplants, feta cheese, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, black olives and basil.

You wouldn’t be surprised to discover that NUN was created by 8 friends with origins in 3 different continents, lovers of travelling, exotic flavors, mostly middle eastern food with innovative choice available for the guests. If you are “one of us” then this is a place you should not miss !

Address: Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 36 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 91637315
M1 Porta Venezia (red line)
Open Tue-Sun from 12.00am to 11.00pm – closed on monday
Apart from the gorgeous hummus, our preference goes to Falafel: traditional fried at the moment balls made ​​of chickpeas and parsley with chopped onion, garlic and flavored with cumin, salt and black pepper. If you are a very “hot person” be brave and order the spicy version.
Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli for a 6-legged walk after the meal.



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