Officina 12

“Blending” history with a pinch of creativity and a drop of contemporary touch.

Navigli is one of the districts you should not  miss … in particular if you are travelling with your lovely and furry friend; what a better experience to have a 6-legged stroll along the charming Naviglio (it’s not a river but just a canal … though some ironic people call it  “Venice of Milan”) and meet some new “6-legged” friends. Being one of the most happening area in Milan, you would actually have so many options to hangout for a drink, get easy food, indulge with aperitivo or dinner, … but for sure you would only consider those which do accept your 4-legged friends  a.k.a “bark friendly” places. Officina 12 is definitely one of those spots!

Lets say you are in a “romantic mood” with your loved one(s) and your furry friend, you can choose the restaurant area which is mixing traditional and creative cooking. Regional recipes, mediterranean food, pizza and foccacia (baked in the traditional wood burning oven), special dishes for vegetarian friends are the main options, not to mention a selection of creative and “trendy” culinary “experiments” which are changing each month to use the best of seasonal ingredients.

A charming American bar with dim lights, red brick walls and New York style furniture can be found beside the restaurant area, a blending history of Milan overlooking the Naviglio canal. It was once a boat workshop, now turning into a mixed classic bar where you can get fresh cocktails and selected wines while sitting comfortably with your furry friend “wrapped” in a soft ambient music. Ideal place for aperitivo or after dinner chats.

During the hot season, you’ll also have the chance  to sip your drink in the green internal garden or in the the elegant dehor overlooking the lively and picturesque Alzaia Naviglio Grande, … eating and doing some “people watching” will be a funny “anthropological experiment”.

Indoor or outdoor, lunch or dinner, aperitivo or just a drink, whatever it is, everything is PAWssible here … a perfect place to hang out DOGether, word of Dogfather.

Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 12 – map
Phone: (+39) 894 22261
M2 Porta Genova (green line); Tram 9 (via Vigevano)
Monday from 7.00pm to 00.00am; Tuesday-Saturday from 12.00pm to 3.00pm and 07.00pm to00.00am. Sunday from 12.00pm to 3.00pm and 7.00pm to 11.00pm
Being in Milan we suggest fo start from the pumpkin flan with taleggio cheese fondue, Saronno macaroons and bread croutonsthe, keep on going with the Classic Milanese risotto with saffron and to kill yourself with a Milanese breaded veal chop and sautèed potatoes.


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