You will be surprised to know that Milan is a very green city with a number of parks to stroll around, jogging, cycling, having fun DOGether with your “furry friends” and socialize with new local friends (with 2 or 4 legs). Numerous “doggy areas” have also been created to give your 4-legged friends the opportunity of moving, playing, running, rolling in a safe area with fence.  We have selected a limited numbers of parks depending on their position, safety, services and sympathy. However if you require an exhaustive list of parks in Milan, just click here.

parco sempione milanoParco Sempione. Called the “private garden” of the Milanese people, it is the green lounge by definition, nestled in the heart of the city, a few steps away from Castello, Arco della Pace, the Napoleonic Arena, the Acquarium, the Triennale Museum  and many other cultural attractions. This beautiful park has a little “something” for everyone: old and young people, 2 and 4 legs puppies, lovers and runners, singles and families, locals and tourists … a little gem you should not miss once visiting Milan DOGether with your furry friends.
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giardini pubblici indro montanelliGiardini pubblici Indro Montanelli (ex Giardini di Porta Venezia).  This is with no doubt one of the cutest parks in Milan, with its particular “French style”, a lake, a fountain, some historical buildings, just a few steps away from the fashionable Quadrilatero and other main attractions.
This elegant green area is actually a meeting point for “dog lovers”, then it becomes a perfect spot to relax, meet new friends, socialize and have fun.
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Giardino della GuastallaGiardino della Guastalla. This is a little, splendid, aristocratic, “Italian-style” garden where tulip trees and wild linden form the backdrop for the stone balustrade that surrounds the fish pond. It is ideal for lovers, runners, kids and dogs (allowed in their own dedicated fenced-in areas), a protected oasis in the city whenever you need to escape from the city.  Located just opposite to Milan’s University, this old park is populated by students who desire to “study” in a relaxing and enjoyable place. Give it a quick go and snap a selfie DOGether with your furry friend.
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parco delle basilicheParco delle Basiliche. It is a small and green carpet connecting the Basilica of San Lorenzo and Sant’Eustorgio. Very close to the “movida” of Navigli and Colonne, nestled among shops, fashionable restaurants and bars, it’s not a notorious place for smugglers and junkies anymore, but a “trendy” area for “alternative” young people who just want to have fun (a place where long time ago wicked and witches used to be executed by the Milanese justic). If you are strolling along Via Torino for shopping or heading to Navigli for aperitivo, get the chance to pop in and snap a pic in this romantic green corner. Check the map

parco nordParco Nord, It is the metropolitan park by definition, a true “breathing space” both inside and outside Milan. An ideal place to relax, simply by walking through its rows of lime and horse-chestnut trees then stopping  for a rest by its ponds and beautiful fountains. There are many different species of animals, as well, including a few surprises: in addition to common robins and dragonflies, visitors may also glimpse great spotted woodpeckers, foxes and hedgehogs. With its  fitness trails it is the ideal spot for “Sunday joggers”, cyclists, families, schools, tourists who need to step out of the city to recharge their batteries before going back to the metropolitan jungle. Check the map

monte stellaParco Monte Stella. The park covers an artificial hill, named by the locals “La Montagnetta” (little mountain), a cool, peaceful and green habitat, with a very interesting view over the city, just a short distance from San Siro stadium and the Expo Area. It is one of the favourite training spots for runners and mountain bikers due to the challenging “ups and downs”, fun and pain for a serious workout. It is also a nice place for a 6-legged walk with your 4-legged friend. Take your time to “climb it”, reach the top and enjoy a different view of Milan. Don’t be lazy and give it a go. Suggested by day rather than night, you can easily get there by metro (M1 QT8 – red line). Check the map

parco trennoParco Trenno. Located near San Siro Stadium and the new Expo area, it’s an interesting “mix” where wildlife combines with outdoor life. A park with big trees, cycle paths, fitness trails;  a nice destinatio for families, runners, cyclists and furry guys. Thanks to the football fields, the park becomes a sort of “World Cup” venue during the week ends, with teams and “Sunday players” coming from all around the world. It also includes the building of Cascina Bellaria (a former dairy) where special events for pets lovers are organized by local animalist associations. Check the map

parco delle caveParco delle Cave. If Parco Trenno is not big enough for you, then you just need to cross via Novara to reach the “Quarry Park”  a true examples of urban forestation, a former industrial area used for quarrying gravel and sand,  today a little heaven of peace in the city. Ideal for long walks, bike rides, jogging, fishing or a tasty picnic sitting by the lake, always DOGether with your beloved 4-legged friends. Just “catapult” yourself over there every time you want a serious time out from the city … just a few miles from the town center.
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parco forlaniniParco Forlanini. Close to Linate airport and the Idroscalo (the “sea” of Milan) it is the ideal spot for sports people and their beloved furry guys, with  its extensive network of paths for runners and cyclists, while the lush vegetation provides an ideal habitat for wildlife. A perfect escape plan to get your break from the city (and guess what …you don’t need to jump on a plane to get away, just get the bus n. 73 from Piazza San Babila and the game is done). Check the map


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