Pet Pet


Pet Pet is a mobile Spa (a fully equipped van) and grooming service, a different way to serve your pooch and offer you the maximum flexibility, convenience, time saving and tranquillity,  just under your house, under your office or at the park.

From a simple trimming to a complete grooming  (bath, clipping, nail cut, ears cleaning), from antiparasitic treatment to ozone hydrotherapy with mineral salts and natural essences, Pet Pet offers “cuddlles and bubbles” to prevent anxiety, joint pains, skin dehydration, allergies … a very efficient way to take care of your furry friend’s health.

On board of PetPet  you will also find a treadmill for rehab, or make your fat lazy guys moving and get back to perfect shape with a scalable training created by their new “personal trainer”.

PetPet also offers a delivery service of all what you need for your furry friend. Just “fill the paper” CLICK HERE and they will provide all what you need, when you want, where you need.

This project deserves our  “golden paw ” for the category “6-legged service”.  Innovation, passion and professionalism, key ingredients for a better “6-legged life”.

What else? The clients of Pet Pet will also receive a free “doggy kit” (bag, travel bowl, snack and gadget) offered by Forza 10 (sponsor of Let’s Travel DOGether). Another good reason to choose Pet Pet!

Phone: (+39) 3343361620
Service on demand.



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