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Pizza OK is not just a common pizzeria where getting “lost in action” while choosing among 101 different kind of giant, greedy, flat and soft pizzas, but  a special “vintage” spot where your furry friends will literally gape and their atavic hunger will be satisfied by the boss in person (“Uncle Maurino” for friends), a big hearted dog lover who will become the best mate ever of your furry guys … how is it possible ? His secret is “old school” and simple: he will serve them (“tricky” as usual) a tasty grilled chicken brest  chopped in little irresistible bites.  But do not worry … your bill won’t be charged with any extra, cause goodness is one of the natural house ingredients and “love is blind” in this “pizza paradise”.
Absolutely PAWesome !!! Pizza OK is really OK …  and deserves the most aspired “doggy” award:  our “golden paw”.

Your dog will implore you to go there at least once a week …word of Dogfather.

What else? At Pizza OK you will also receive a free “doggy kit” (bag, travel bowl, snack and gadget) offered by Forza 10 (sponsor of Let’s Travel DOGether). Another good reason to give it a go!

Indirizzo: Via San Siro 9, Milano – map

Telefono (+39) 02 48017132

Contact: the management is “old school” too …then if you want to book your table you will have to give a call !

M1 Wagner (red line), M1 Buonarrori (red line)
from 12am to 2.30pm and from 7.30pm to 11.30pm (closed on Monday)
Our favourite pizza is n. 131 with safran, whipping cream, zucchini flowers and pancetta (kind of local bacon).


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