Looking for something “easy” but greedy to bite ? Need a break after a long stroll around the city? Urgently need a Wi-Fi connection for a last minute booking? Still “debated” on sweet or salted stuff ? Strawberry cake or focaccia ? Well …if it is so … you can simply “park” yourself at Princi, a “bark friendly” simple place where you can comfortably relax DOGether, either indoor or outdoor. If you want to enjoy the sunny day and see the “hustle bustle” parade around the square, then you should get a table outside where you also find a standpipe with “acqua del sindaco” (fresh and free water), if the waiters are “too busy” and cannot pay attention to your thirsty 4-legged friends “the rhythm of Princi remains quintessentially (and infuriatingly) Italian” … quoting the New York Times.

This “chic” and unconventional format started its glorious business as a bakery but over the years it has become a meeting point for both locals and tourists, thanks to the “winning” location (Piazza XXV Aprile), a cool and minimal “industrial” design, warm and friendly atmosphere.  Very simple to find a few steps from corso Como, corso Garibaldi, Chinatown, Brera, Parco Sempione, it offers a big selection of fresh cakes, pizza, focaccia and other traditional recipes, which are seriously attempting to your 6 pack (if you still have one after your italian experience). Perfect for breakfast, ideal for a coffee and to “exploit” their efficient Wi-Fi, It can also be an alternative “aperitivo” place, especially if you are a “carbo monster”. If you need to meet your friends during the evening, it would also be a convenient location to drink, chat and socialize till late (during the week end Princi is closing down at 6am). A little tips when you go Princi: you need to be “seductive” (and patient) if you want to get served at the table, as the waiters are “too busy” sometimes, especially during the “battle” of lunch time. We do suggest (as we normally do) to serve yourself at the bar following the italian proverb “chi fa da sé fa per tre” (a polite way to say do it by yourself and you are going to be faster and more effective). However, as you are on holiday, you just need to take it easy and slow down … always DOGether !

Address: Piazza XXV Aprile, 5 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 2906 0832
M2 Garibaldi (green line), M2 Moscova (green line) Tram 14:
Sun-Thu: 7.00am-12.00am; Fri-Sat: 7.00am-6.00am
Cappuccio and croissant at breakfast, avoid lunch, afternoon coffee with cake, aperitivo with Prosecco (sparkling wine), beer after dinner. There are a bunch of Princi shops in town, but the most suitable for “6 legged” clients is with no doubt the one in Piazza XXV Aprile.


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