“Milan Fashion District” also known as “Quadrilatero”, is Milan’s temple of luxury, where most of the top brands have established their showrooms, boutiques and ateliers. This area is regarded by numerous experts in the fashion industry such as Vogue, to be one of the most or even the most important fashion district in the world as well as largest concentration of haute couture labels.

Despite its posh façade, this is a pet friendly area where your furry friends are always welcome as special “VID” (very important dogs) as well as “new generation clients”: would you be surprised to discover that some top fashion designers are also creating specific lines for “4-legged fashion addicts” ? The Fashion District not only attract tourists but also Milan’s “beautiful people”; for this reason shopping there is a great opportunity to hobnob with the affluent “locals”.
PAWesome but expensive… no pain no gain dear friends…

Here are the main streets you should not miss.

Via Montenapoleone is an elegant and expensive street famous for its luxurious shops and can be considered the living symbol of “Made in Italy”, a showcase of superb taste and exclusive design attracting visitors and tourists from every part of the world.

Via della Spiga is one the most important street for those who are looking for good taste and elegance, such as fashion, jewelry, watches, shoes, … definitely the hot spot to plunge into a world of luxury. Relaxing path and ideal to walk around with pets as closed to any vehicles, it offers the possibility to stroll through boutiques and showrooms of Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Giorgio Armani and many others international fashion labels.

Corso Venezia is one the most elegant streets in the city, with a strong orientation towards the Liberty style of the late 19th century, an important example of the Neoclassical period in Milan. Not only for shopping but also to admire the architectures while walking on its spacious pedestrians.

Via Manzoni is a busy and fashionable street which comes from “La Scala”  and leads to Piazza Cavour. Notable buildings, elegant hotels and luxurious shops give you the sense of the “old Milan”.

A specific mention goes to the shop assistants of “Quadrilatero” who splendidly assume the role of actors: attractive, polite and full of consideration for their rich and demanding customers. Do you want to be part of this show ? Then grab your dog and play your role in this “fashionable movie”.

Address: Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia, Via Manzoni – map
You can easily access the “Quadrilatero” by many ways.
Metro 3 Montenapoleone (yellow line) for a direct access to Via Montenapoleone. Metro 1 San Babila (red line) for Corso Venezia and Via della Spiga. Another simple way is walking from Duomo and follow this simple itinerary: Galleria, Scala, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia, San Babila, Via Montenapoleone

The “Fashion District” has to be visited during the day (9am to 7pm) if you are considering (and budgeting) some “serious shopping”, but there is actually more than just fashion in this centrally located neighborhood, which is also a very enchanting place to stroll around at night, for a quiet window shopping with your furry friends … with no “expensive temptations”.
During the “Fashion Week”, Via Montenapoleone and the other streets of the “Quadrilatero” are graced by models from all over the world, the emblem of style and beauty. Numerous events and happenings are transforming this shopping district into a fashion show. Don’t miss the chance for a 6-legged walk at the beautiful Porta Venezia Gardens, also known as Giardini di Porta Venezia, a place that strongly represents the culture and history of Milan, with structures such as the Museo di Storia Naturale (Museum of Natural History) and the Planetarium.



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