Imagine a very “anachronistic” location, an enchanting villa of the early ‘900, positioned inside a small public garden, surrounded by skyscrapers,  in one of the newest and recently renovated areas of Milan (Porta Nuova), just a few hundred meters from the lively and noisy Corso Como. It appears as a mirage just behind the new Uni Credit Tower and the Bosco Verticale (vertical garden), recently voted as the best building in the world and undisputed winner of the “International High-rise Award 2014″.
This is Ratanà, a very renowned restaurant devoted and inspired to the traditional Milanese (and creative) cuisine; its risotto is considered by some authoritative food experts one of the undisputed “top 10”. But this is probably what you already know… What you might not know is that Ratanà is a “pet friendly” location and it is also an “alternative” place to taste a “different” aperitivo: indulge yourself with a glass of selected wine served with “rubitt” (little bites) such as ABC (3 different kind of potatoes served with 3 different salts and oils), Mondeghili (Milanese style meat balls), Tartare di Fassona (raw meat), as well as marinated trout, rice cake, bread with gorgonzola cheese, honey and walnuts, … and much more … just check the blackboard and choose what you like for a very reasonable price (from 1 to 4 Euros).

The bar is actually very small but definitely intimate and this is why we love it so much. If you get the chance to be there by 7 pm, the bar is gonna be “all yours” and your furry friends will have the best comfort, on your feet,  … and who knows … something delicious “might fall by chance” from the table …

After the aperitivo you might decide to stay and abandon yourself to the delicious temptations of the dinner menu. Isn’t it true that “the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it” ?

Address: Via de Castillia Gaetano, 28 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 8712 8855
Web: www.ratana.it
Mail: info@ratana.it

M2 Gioia (green line)
Aperitivo is served from 6.30 to 8.30 pm – closed on Sunday
Make sure to arrive a few minutes before 7pm, you will get the “pole position” and the bar will be “all yours”. Don’t miss the chance of tasting the incomparable Mondeghili (Milanese meat balls) and the marinated trout





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