The gap between culture and food is very short at RED. Located in Piazza Gae Aulenti (the square which symbolize the new and modern side of Milan), it has a very interesting “hybrid concept”: library, coffee bar, bistrot and meeting point. A perfect place for a “6-legged” outdoor breakfast especially during the hot season: sitting outside with your cappuccino and a mini croissant while the rest of the world (in suit and tie) is rushing to work … has frankly no price. The interior is modern but warm, bright, cozy and “pet friendly”, the ideal escape plan during the winter days. You will have the chance of drinking your hot mocaccino and eat a “guilty free” mini chocolate muffin while reading a book. To be honest the “reading environment” is not actually very quiet … but do not forget you find yourself in the heart of Porta Nuova (new gate), the new business district of Milan and stunning architectural renovation … you should not be surprised to find some “frantic people” around … (but on the other side you will get your solace with the free wi-fi and the free tablets for the clients full internet access). Do not forget to snap your “6-legged” pic in front of the “lake” and post it on our Facebook page.

Address: Piazza Gae Aulenti – map
M2 Porta Garibaldi (green line)
Mon-Fri from 07.30am to 11.00pm;  Sat-Sun from 10.00am to 11.00pm
Avoid the lunch time during the working days if you do not want to fight with the hungry white collar of Unicredit, the bank located inside the tower. Better to sit outside at breakfast (with coffee and croissant)  and watch them running to badge  … let’s call it … “immaterial benefit to be on holidays”


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