Rinomata gelateria


The “Rinomata Gelateria Artigiana” hasn’t changed for decades. It looks like an “old pharmacy”  and still preserves the charm of old times, with its antique furnitures, brasses, cabinets and showcases where cornets and waffles are geometrically and maniacally displayed. Although you will find genuine and home made ice creams for very reasonable prices,  nothing compares with the unforgettable crepes of the house (but watch out … it’s a real “drug” … and “once you try the addictive crepe, you’ll always come back”). Just make your best choice by reading the “old fashion” board and admire the “wizard” in action while performing the ritual of transforming (with his special “magic wand”) some basic quality ingredients in a paradisiac palate delight. Once you get the “object of your desire” (but don’t forget to grab the dog !!!), sit outside on the most requested bench (there is just one !!!) and do some “people watching” while you “savage the catch”. Do not forget to snap a pic of your “furry friend” with his hungry “crocodile face” and post it on our Facebook page. Unfortunately he won’t be allowed to taste such a sweet “orgasm” (poison for his health) then make sure to reward his patience with a long walk by the bustling Naviglio and make some new local “6-legged” friends.

Address: Alzaia Naviglio Pavese – map
M2 Porta Genova, tram n. 9 (stop Piazza XXIV Maggio)
Every day, all day,  when your soul is asking for a sweet temptation.
The crepe with Nutella and Mascarpone cheese is absolutely a must. You are not allowed to leave Milan without tasting this unforgettable delight. Be ready to queue a bit, especially at night and during the week ends … but make sure … the pleasure is worth waiting. Word of Dogfather (big worldwide crepe expert)



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