Although Milan is considered to be one of the best examples in Italy in terms of pets acceptance, make sure you pick a real “pet friendly” place to stay. Jurassic restrictions and medieval constrains are still existing in the city of Expo 2015 and this puzzling fact might create unwanted surprises. Do also consider that a number of hotels which pretend to call themselves “pet friendly” are actually “small pets friendly”, in other words they only accept small size pets  up to 7, 8, 10 Kg … depending on their own judgement (this might be a good reason to go on a diet … LOL) and in certain cases they also apply unjustified extra charges which cannot actually be considered a real “fair deal” (30 to 50 Euros extra per night and per dog is a stodgy bone, isn’t it?). For this reason we have tested and selected for you “the best of breed” of hotel stays where no discrimination will be made upon your furry friends size, age, breed. We will also indicate if extra charges are applied (please note that we have deliberately excluded all those hotels which are applying more than 10 euros per night) . You’ll also find a special mention for those hotels which are providing a “doggy kit” or any useful stuff (food or accessories) to give their “furry clients” the best service and attention.

Our best selection includes 4 and 5 stars hotels, where your dogs will be treated as V.I.D. (very important dogs), welcomed and pampered likewise their 2 legs companions, for a perfect  6 legged experience. Isn’t it PAWesome ?  Ps: in any case when booking your accomodation be “rich and generous” with questions, don’t forget to state all your specific needs and make sure you get to know all the hotel’s conditions. Avoiding any misunderstanding is always the best way to start your stay !  Click here to discover our “top dog” hotels.

ps: we will deeply appreciate if you could rate or comment your experiences. Send us a mail or connect through Facebook or Twitter. A better “6 legged world” is a common goal and only DOGether we will achieve it … and don’t forget “a group of people who share the same dream can reach the impossible” (by Dogfather).


Our special thanks to Ilenia Costantino “PAWtographer” for the wonderful pic.


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