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Dogs need to be “active”, as under-activity might be a cause for stress and it can also lead to behavioural problems such as chewing, barking and others. For this reason it is very important to guarantee a very “busy” life to our dogs: walking, running and doing sport is a good solution, but not enough. Dogs also need mental stimulation, they need to use their heads as well! We can activate our dogs in three ways: nosework games, learning different tricks and problem solving and mental activation toys.

This is the reason why dr. Eleonora Mentaschi, Dog Beahaviourist and Professional Dog Trainer, has developed a line of problem solving toys. Smart Dog puzzle games are high quality toys, Made in Italy, that develop and stimulate mental activation for all kind of dogs.

giochi di attivazione

Every single toy has been created to stimulate specific abilities and tasks, and it get tested by a multi-professional team of dog experts before being distributed. All toys are hand-made by Italian craftsmen, who pay the maximum attention to every single detail. Harmless and well-refined, they  are made of a particular wood-like material, chosen after long and careful research to guarantee the well-being of the dog, which has special features:

  • non-toxic and safe;
  • glue free and chemical coloring free (only organic coloring);
  • if chewed, it doesn’t splinter;
  • extremely tough and water-resistant;
  • eco-friendly.

For more infos visit the official web site.


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