Stazione Centrale

Milan Central Station is one of Europe’s largest railway stations, an imposing, outstanding, monumental building which travelers would immediately realize when they have their “first touch” of Milan, with its gigantic facade in Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. A must see place if you are an architecture lover. If you are in transit, it is worth “pausing” for a moment, looking upwards to the great steel arches, or exploring the building to discover the architectural fascination of this monument. The station has been recently renovated and its numerous shops, bars and restaurants are definitely more pet friendly than they used to be in the recent past. A little step towards a better 6-legged world.

Address: Piazza Duca d’Aosta 1 – map
Opening hours: day and night
Free admission (but you need a ticket to enter the train platforms)
Phone: (+39) 02 66 73 511

Metro 2 Centrale (green line), Metro 3 Centrale (yellow line)
We suggest to visit the Central Station during the day rather than at night.  As for many other train stations around the world, this area cannot be considered one of the safest in Milan, although many progresses have been done in terms of security. In any case, day or night, watch your bags and wallets.
Frankly we do not have special suggestions for this area, apart from some good ethnic restaurants  and a number of venues for aperitivo or after dinner. If you are waiting for your connection train, you do not want to exit the station, if you desire a little bite, a coffee or you need a web connection, we do suggest the Bistrot.
Unless you have to catch a train, there is not that much in this area worth a visit.



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