Terre di Zoè


“Zoe” derives from the ancient greek and it means “essence of life”. Located in the South of Italy, this farm passed on to the third generation and since 2004 it has chosen to convert to organic farming and support clean agriculture. The traditional business of selling fruits has been integrated with a new process of transforming fruits into jams, marmalades, nectars and juices. The birth of this adventure has been titled with a new name “Terre di Zoe“, which becomes the brand but also the underlying theme: the authenticity of pure “Italian” and strictly “Organic” products.

“Environment and development are not separate things, but they have a close connection. Development would be nothing if natural resources were declining, same way the environment and its creatures will not be protected if growth does not consider the economic importance of environmental factors. Humanity has the chance to make development sustainable, to ensure  that it meets the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

We are very proud to have a partner such as Terre di Zoè, DOGether for a better “6-legged world”.


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