Planning a visit to Castello, a walk at Parco Sempione, a dissolute shopping around the city center ?  Before you move your “S” from the bed, do not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

To feed your eyes, mouth and soul, there is a nice café and pasticceria (pastry shop) called Van Bol & Feste in a super strategic location, a few steps away from the Castle main gate. This “easy” spot is “bark friendly”, a bar where you can enjoy your “colazione” (breakfast) or “merenda” (tea break) DOGether with your 4-legged friend.

Originally “imported” from Naples, Van Bol & Feste blends the delightful Italian gastronomic culture, in the savors of Italian cakes and savory assortments. It wouldn’t be easy at all to make up your mind and choose between a common croissant, a muffin, a lemon Tiramisu, The Van Bol Cake (a soft dessert filled with chocolate and covered with hazelnut gelato) or Babba’ (typical from the South of Italy). Apart from the sweets, this place also offers some fresh focaccia (italian flat bread) which is incredibly soft and cruchy, mixed with special ingredients such as Parma ham, Prato mortadella, Cetara anchiovies and Campania Dop buffalo mozzarella. Please watch out your “hungry crocodile” … for sure the furry guy, in a “vacuum cleaner” rave, will try to suck the fallen crumbs around the floor (the management does not have any complaint about that).

If you are travelling to Milan for the EXPO, this place is just beside the Expo Gate, where you can get all the information related to the event.

Talking about the EXPO we just remind you  that the Expo area is NOT “pet friendly”,  then if you do not want to miss this global event, just CLICK HERE and book your personal dog sitter.

After your coffee and pastry, you will also be able to “satisfy” the needs of your furry friend to play or doing the ritual “business call” at Parco Sempione. This is what we call  “winning DOGether”. Absolutely PAWesome !!!

Address: Foro Buonaparte, 71 – map
Phone: (+39) 02 8909 3182
M1 Cairolli (red line); Tram: 1, 4
Mon-Sun: 7.00am-11.00pm
A good place to stop for a quick coffee and getting some nice easy bites (morning or afternoon). Being a quite busy spot, we won’t suggest to sit during lunch time. Forget about any special welcome, as you might not get the most smiley waiters … but you will definitely compensate the “sugar” with gorgeous sweet pastries. Enjoy!


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