Vetusta Insigna

IL BUON VINO STA NELLA BOTTE PICCOLA (good wine comes in small packages)

You wouldn’t probably find this place by chance, Vetusta Insigna is not easily spotted from outside compared to other bars and restaurants along the Navigli canal, no web site, no reviews on trendy magazines, no advertising … just a “shy” Facebook page with a bunch of followers. We bumped into it while walking with our beloved 4-legged friend just the night before Christmas (the so called “vigilia”), when most of the other “famous” places were already closed for holidays. The waiter greeted us and our furry friend in a very sweet way. Getting inside, it feels like you are in a little wine cellar, with old red bricks and deem lights, giving you a warm and intimate feeling, a good place to “have a relaxing break” (without moving out from the lively Navigli area). If you fancy the idea of sitting outside (we don’t suggest this option during the Christmas holidays), they also have a few tables on the pedestrian street facing the canal, a funny way to do “people watching” and who knows … socializing with new local “6-legged” friends (for those who are not so lucky to have a dog in their lives, … dogs are social magnets and sometimes they might “perform” better than Cupid himself).

Taken from Portuguese, literally speaking Vetusta Insigna means ancient badge. Originally the concept was more winery and brewery, where you could find a selection of good wines as well as “Bad Attitude” brewery Swiss Craft beer which proclaims to be an “anti mainstream” one. Talking about the food, the kitchen offers the typical North Italian recipes like “Cassoeula” (pork and Savoy cabbage), “Pizzoccheri” (short tagliatelle with cheese), risotto alla “milanese” (milanese style rice).

Aperitivo is not very rich but pretty nice, a board of panini and warm fresh piadina will accompany your evening drink to “open” your stomach for the dinner. Complimentary water will be offered to your 4-legged friend without having to ask (for us this represents the main KPI to define a “pet friendly” place).  What a nice 6-legged aperitivo DOGether … so nice that we went back there at Christmas for a special toast with pink bubbles. Sweet, little and PAWesome … give it a go.

Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 48 – map
Phone: (+39) 4537 5347 or (+39)345 695 7300
M2 Porta Genova (green line); Tram 9 (Porta Genova)
Mon-Fri: 5.00pm-1.00am; Sat-Sun: 12.00pm-02.00am
The place is not actually that big, so better to book your table, in particular  if you are with your furry friend. The friendly staff will then be able to accomodate you in the best possible position for your confort and the well being of your little friends.


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