Milan may not have Rome, Florence or Venice classical beauty, but it is indeed a fascinating city, full of contrasts and always balancing between its historical roots and its aspiration to the future. Nowhere else in Italy you will feel the same energy and such a rich offer in terms of food, fashion, design and cultural life.

In this section we have selected some must see places, some hidden attractions and some suggestions about how to move and get the best out of your visit:

Attractions. These are the places you cannot miss if you want to tell your nephews you went to Milan. From the Duomo, to Castello, from the Galleria to the Quadrilatero, we have selected attractions “on the air” which you will be able to visit with your furry friends with no restrictions at all. Click here to discover the must see attraction in town.

Parks. Travelling with your furry friends also means finding some quality time for them and nothing better then a “6-legged” walk in the park can be fun and relax. Our preference goes to the city parks, conveniently located and easy to reach, such as Parco Sempione and Giardini di Porta Venezia. Click here to discover the best parks in town.

Itineraries. We have customized routes to satisfy different interests such as design, fashion, culture, food … but without forgetting you are travelling with your furry friends. Click here for our “top dog” itineraries.

Museums. Although the culture in Milan is still forbidden to our 4 legged friends, we have selected some of the cultural institutions you should not miss and to make it possible, we are backing you up with our special “task force”: professional trainers and sitters who will take care of your best furry friends, play with them at the park while you are plunging into culture. Click here to book your angel.

Hidden treasures. In collaboration with Milano da Vedere, we are suggesting some “alternative spots” for those who want to be “travellers” rather than just “tourists”, by “sniffing and smelling” something “different”, special and not obvious “tourist traps”. Click here to discover the “hidden secrets” of Milan.

Our special thanks to Ilenia Costantino “PAWtographer” for the wonderful pic.


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